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Elevate Awareness with the LGMD Awareness Day Toolkit

The LGMD Awareness Video Challenge!

Are you passionate about raising awareness for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD)? Do you have a story to share, a message of hope, or simply want to educate others about the importance of supporting LGMD awareness? We’re calling on YOU to be a beacon of inspiration and advocacy through our LGMD Awareness Video Challenge!

Why Your Voice Matters

LGMD isn’t just a diagnosis; it’s a journey that many of us navigate or help navigate daily. By sharing your story or expressing why LGMD awareness is crucial, you help shine a light on the realities of living with muscular dystrophy, the importance of research, and the power of community support. Your voice can uplift, educate, and foster a more understanding world.

How to Participate

1. Create Your Video

Vertical Video Example
Make a short video (1 minute max) sharing your connection to LGMD, why raising awareness is important, and how others can support the cause. Whether you’re directly affected, a caregiver, a friend, or an advocate, your perspective is invaluable. Please record your video in a vertical format.

2. Be Authentic

We’re looking for genuine, heartfelt messages. Share your challenges, triumphs, hopes, or reasons why you support LGMD awareness. Your authenticity will resonate the most.

3. Upload and Share

Once your video is ready, upload it to our website and share it on your social media channels using the hashtag #LGMDAwarenessChallenge. Encourage friends, family, and followers to watch, share, and join the movement.

Upload Your Video

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Impactful videos will be featured across our social media channels, website, and at LGMD awareness events, amplifying your message to a global audience.

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Why Join?

By joining the LGMD Awareness Video Challenge, you’re not just participating in a challenge; you’re joining a global movement to enlighten, educate, and empower. Your story has the power to touch hearts, change minds, and mobilize support for LGMD. So, grab your camera, speak from the heart, and let’s make waves for LGMD awareness together! Your voice has the power to make a difference.


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