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Here, we not only share the moving and motivational stories of individuals living with LGMD but also celebrate the unwavering commitment of their caregivers who stand by them every step of the way. Beyond personal narratives, the ‘Spotlights’ section also showcases the commendable efforts of organizations that tirelessly work towards bettering the lives of those with LGMD. Additionally, we pay tribute to the clinicians and medical professionals who bring their expertise and compassion to the forefront, ensuring that those with LGMD receive the best care and support possible. Join us in this journey of recognition, inspiration, and gratitude.

Individuals with LGMD

Read the personal journeys of those navigating life with LGMD.

LGMD Researchers

Showcasing the groundbreaking work of clinical researchers.

LGMD Clinic Staff

Highlighting the exceptional stories of clinicians working in the field of LGMD.

LGMD Organizations

Highlighting the organizations making a difference in the world of LGMD.

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