A proclamation is an official document issued by the Governor or other leader to commemorate a specific time or event such as LGMD Awareness Day. It brings recognition, awareness, or appreciation to an issue, cause, milestone, or noteworthy event that is relevant and important to residents in that state or region.

We need your help by ‘adopting’ a state and submitting a request for that state to issue a proclamation for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day. Usually, it takes less than an hour of your time to submit these requests and many states provide an option to submit your request electronically.

Proclamation requests need to be submitted to each state annually!

In order to help spread awareness in the United States, we have prepared a State List to help you in contacting a State and requesting a proclamation. Most states have an online process to streamline the request they receive. Please be sure to adhere to the timeline indicated on the list as states have different requirements to the time frame in which they will accept and process a proclamation request.

Are you interested in “adopting” a State to request a Proclamation? If so, please complete the form below so we know which states have someone working on a proclamation request. (Only one proclamation per State is usually granted per Awareness Day per year.)

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Sample Proclamations

Special Guidelines for State Legislatures

If you know a member of the state legislature personally, approach that person regarding the passage of the proclamation. If you do not have this connection, phone the state legislator’s office to determine the name of the staff person who handles proclamations or resolutions. When you talk with that person, make sure to stress your local connection.

Find out when the legislature will pass the proclamation and let the staff person know you are willing to meet him/her or attend any related meetings in person or by your representative. Indicate your interest in gaining news coverage of the proclamation and ask if there is a staff person who can assist you. If not, offer to take a photo to accompany the news release you will produce, then contact the local news media yourself.

Special Guidelines for Mayor’s Offices and Town/City Councils

Adapt the above guidelines to your local mayor and town/city council. Modify the sample proclamation or the sample cover letter to reflect your community.

After a Proclamation Has Been Issued

1. Seek publicity after the governor or local official approves the proclamation. It is great to have a state/local community adopt the proclamation…it is even better to have the local newspaper report the action! And be sure to share your proclamation on social media!

2. If possible, plan to attend or send a representative to the meeting when the proclamation is being adopted. Frequently, the governor’s office will present a quality copy to an appropriate recipient. Take photos. Also, modify and disseminate your Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day press release (contact if you need help) to the appropriate news media in your state. Try to have a photo and news release in your endorsing organization’s newsletter or other appropriate publications.

3. Be sure to send a follow-up thank you to the governor or your local officials for the proclamation(s).

4. Keep good records of what works and what doesn’t work this year, whom you contacted, and who made contacts in your state. (This will be beneficial for next year’s event)

5. Please send a copy of the proclamation and any publicity to LGMD Awareness Foundation at, through social media @LGMDawareness or contact us for our mailing address

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