Name: Eric                    Age:  23 yrs. old

Country:  USA   

LGMD Sub-Type:  LGMD 2B/R2 Dysferlin-related

At what age were you diagnosed:

When I was two, I was misdiagnosed with Muscle Myopothy.   Two decades later, I was accurately diagnosed with LGMD.                                 

What were your first symptoms:

My first symptoms were, delay in speech, walking poorly, and I couldn’t sit still.

Do you have other family members who have LGMD:

Nope, I am the only one in my family with LGMD.

What do you find to be the greatest challenges in living with LGMD:

There are a bunch of challenges, the greatest challenge for me right now is walking up stairs.

What is your greatest accomplishment:

My greatest accomplishment would be creating and registering my non-profit organization, which is called Deletethewordcant.  And, I am going for my masters in psychology.

How has LGMD influenced you into becoming the person you are today:

It has influenced me because I had to be stronger and tougher with school, bullies, everyday activities, so much more.

What do you want the world to know about LGMD:

The world should know that no matter if you have LGMD or not, always believe in yourself. Also, some things you might struggle with or it might take more time, but never give up.  Always say I CAN!

If your LGMD could be “cured” tomorrow, what would be the first thing that you would want to do:

If I were cure tomorrow, I would climb the highest mountain top.

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