LGMD Awareness Day is September 30, 2022

This year the theme is


Who do we mean when we make that statement? We mean:

  • individuals who have been diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) and doing their best every day to make ‘limeade out of limes’.
  • caregivers, who help the individuals living with LGMD do things they can no longer do, like take a shower, go to the doctor, go grocery shopping.
  • parents of children with LGMD, who never stop fighting for research and cures in hope of a better, easier life for their kids.
  • medical professionals, who chose to help the individuals living with LGMD manage their symptoms.
  • researchers, who could choose any field and any disease to tackle, and they chose to focus on LGMD.
  • families and friends of those with LGMD, who proudly wear lime green for us and lend an ear when we’re having a bad day.
  • pharmaceutical companies, who are dedicated to helping us find treatments and are as excited as the patients in helping to find a cure!

LGMD is what brought us all together, and together we are stronger!

The 2022 Sticker Campaign shows Girdie dancing as we CELEBRATE all of the exciting things happening in our little community! There is a reason for HOPE. Even with bad days that we all have where we feel like LGMD is winning in our fight, there is so much hope that is helping us eventually win that fight.

So, we are proud to say, “I AM LGMD”! We have a whole community that shares in the same symptoms, tears, heartaches, bad days, good days and triumphs. Say it loud and say it proud, because there is a cheering section behind you, every step of the way.

September 30 is OUR DAY, and we have a lot to say…stay tuned for more!

I AM LGMD…and Together We are Stronger!

LGMD is what brought us all together, and Together We Are Stronger. There is a strength in numbers. When you’re fighting a battle and beside you is an entire community fighting too, it certainly makes that battle less daunting. Which is why we came up with this theme, “I AM LGMD”.

I AM LGMD is in all caps for a reason. Because we not only own that this disease is part of us, we are also saying that we are stronger than LGMD. Is it easy to own the disease? Absolutely not. In fact, along our own journeys, we discovered that is one of the hardest things to accept.

Are you ready to take action? We sure hope so because we have so many fun things planned. For starters, the Sticker Campaign is about to start, and we want to see photos/videos of you proudly displaying your sticker! More details to come. In the meantime, get your lime green apparel ready!

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